Competitions & Certificates

Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School is always seeking good chances for our students to improve both their Kung Fu skills and cultural experience on competitions and performances. Because that gives our students and training in a different way which is as important as good skills.

In July, we attend an International Martial Arts competition in Jining and earn good reputation.
In October we were invited as honorable guests to attend the Martial Arts Competition of Confucius cultural festival and were highly commented.

October 15th, we go to the Zhengzhou to attend the 11th International Shaolin Kung Fu Festival. Students won themselves medals and good experience.

When your master thinks you are good enough, our school can also help you apply for the formal Shaolin Band test and get Wushu bands which is recognized internationally.

It is also possible for you to get to be a real Shaolin warrior monk or a real disciple of our masters by accepting the master-disciple ceremony.

We will be glad to guide our students to earn Kung Fu instructor’s certificates by passing related tests.

If you want to be a branch of our school or representatives of the Shaolin Temple, as your host in China, Qufu Shaolin school is glad to show you the correct way and assist you to be the best.

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