Marcus from Sweden


Coming to this school has been an amazing experience. I've met so many cool and awesome people throughout my year here. I have learnt things I never thought I could do. I have pushed myself further than I thought possible.
One of the best things with the school is the very unique atmosphere among students and masters. All the focus is on training which brings everybody together as a group. Both students and masters are very helpful and respectful towards each other and new students are welcomed into the group as soon as they arrive. Training is quite tough, and some days are harder and some days are easier. On the hard days it's really nice to have the support of the fellow students, and eventually there is no challenge too difficult to handle.
Me myself had no experience of any marshal arts before coming to the school so training in a Kung Fu school was very different to anything I've tried before. There is a lot of coordination and flexibility needed something which I had never really practiced before.
The masters are very inspiring to be around. They push you beyond your limits and make you always want to do your best. They are very patient, respectful and passionate about Kung Fu. They possess so much knowledge that it would take forever just to find out half of it. Just to be in their presence is a very cool and unique thing indeed.
Life in school is a very simple life. During the weeks it's mainly training, eating, sleeping. But there is also a lot of spare time throughout the week to do other things.
The accommodation is very nice. The school is newly built and fresh. For the winter there is heating in the rooms, and for the summer there are fans installed.
The other staff of the school are really looking after us. The building is always clean and the food is very tasty.

Coming to the school was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I have learnt so much throughout this year, both about me as a person and about Kung Fu. I can recommend coming here to anybody that is interested in Kung Fu, just wants to try something new or wants to improve their fitness level.

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