Sidney Klinker (The Netherlands)


After deciding to join the school for 4 months, I truly did not realise what I was in for before I actually arrived in the school. I was expecting heavy martial arts training and while I prepared myself a little bit, the training was WAY more exhausting and heavy than I was expecting. If you come to the school, prepare yourself for the first 2 weeks to be hell (depending on your fitness levels of course). Your body will ache everywhere, and muscles you did not know existed will be sore. Push through this however, and you will be rewarded. In the past 4 months I have seen great bodily/mental changes: more flexibility, more power, more stamina/endurance, more mental toughness and heavy weight loss (I lost 15 kilo's while in the school). 


Despite having a black belt in karate, I was a novice to (Shaolin) kung fu. After spending 4 months in the school I have acquired a basic understanding of some of the moves and started/finished my first weapon forms. The masters at the school (Wei shifu-Shi Yan Jia in my case) are EXCELLENT teachers. Each have their own style, but all of them are patient, understanding of your limits, but will at the same time push you through these to new levels of fitness/kung fu understanding you did know you possessed prior. How much you will learn during your stay will however also depend on the amount of effort you put into practice. Be lazy and the masters will both recognize this and treat you differently. Be fully focused and push yourself to your limits daily and you will prosper. 


What else is there to say? Facilities in the school are sufficient, staff is friendly and helpful and the food is great. Once again, give yourself a week or 2 to adjust to the schedule, food and the life at a Shaolin school. The only thing which I would personally like to see next time I visit the school (I plan on coming back next year again) is more focus on meditation and more chances to spar with your fellow students and put your Shaolin skills to use. When I left the school in May (2014) they were in the process of buying more sparring gear, so this point might have changed already by the time you will arrive in the school. Lastly I would like to mention the other students in the school. During my 4 months I have met some great, great friends, and so will you. Most people who join the school have the exact same mindset, which means not only your Master will push you during practice, also your friends and classmates. Older students are especially helpful (special thanks to Matthew) and will always answer questions or critique/help you with your kung fu. After 4 months it felt a little like I left home and left all my brothers and sisters behind. If you are considering joining the school, please do, you will not regret it for a moment (after the initial aching/soreness…).

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