John Doyle (UK)


John Doyle (UK)
Length of Training: two months, April 10th – June 10th 2011

Kung fu is everything... ...

This is what Bruce Lee famously said and now after two short hard knologable months I now know what he means because the shaolin warrior monks here have some how managed to transform a lad from the north of England who new very little about kung fu-only that it came from china and bruce lee was a master of the art-into an addict.


This is an experience that I will find very hard to put into words it is something that you have to experience first hand you have go through the blood sweat and tears of it all to fully appreciate what it is to have the shaolin experience all I will do here is give you a brief over view of what the training is about and how the Shifu (master) made me into the kung fu addict that I am today.



Firstly its bright eyed and bushy tailed on the morning you wake up at 5:45 am crawl out of your bed walk out of your room for 6am to catch the first training of the day witch is tai chi then you train for an hour till breakfast which is at 7 after this time rest for an hour and a half(which believe me you need)then train for an hour and a half of kung fu after this lunch and rest till more kung fu training starts at 3oclock for a further hour and a half and then a little bit of rest just before the final bagua training starts then finish all training for five thirty. Come with an open mind and a determination and you will be granted or find what it is you are looking from here in china at the shaolin kung fu school. When I leave here I leave with a heavy heart because I know i'm leaving behind a second family,nelly and leah both translators are always on hand to help with anything you need stay to make your stay easier and my shi fu although younger than me I find a very wise man and also I look to him now as a friend, we will keep in touch and iv told him he will be coming to my family pub back in England in the future!


If anyone has any questions find me on facebook at I would be happy to help.

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