Ms.Carla ( Switzerland )


Carla, Switzerland, 1 momth in July 2012

Go to Qufu was definitly one my best decisions and I can recomend it to everyone. It's awsome! But you should not expect a soft bed, a tv or other unnecessary things. I like that because you can focus on training. Doing a lot of aerobics and other sports I was physically pretty good prepared but it was hard for me to remember the forms. So don't worry - everyone is being challenged in his own way. Back home I can follow the aerobic step combinations much better than before. The masters immediately emphasize your weakness and know how to improve it. Just trust them.

And I would like to thank the chefs. They cooked delicious meals and it was a pleasure to talk to a warm and loving woman even if I don't speak chinese. Being one of only a few women was not always easy. Therefor Qufu is a beautiful and friendly city making it easy for you to get everything you want even without the language and traveling alone. I can't wait to go back for three months. I recomend to everyone to stay as long as possible which of course is difficult if you have a job, but it takes a few days to "arrive".

For me it's true what I've heard in the past: If you travel to china you cry two times, when you arrive and when you have to leave.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me:

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