Sabine K (Germany)


Hey my name is Sabine and I am 20 years old and I stayed in this school for 8 months. It always was a dream of mine to study Kung Fu. After lots of research I decided on this school because it had the most positive recommendations. Sure some say it´s a really big step to go to another country to live, but it was the right step for me.
Here I didn´t just learn Kung Fu, I also learned to understand the history and culture that comes with it.

This school made it easy for me to learn about the Chinese culture and people, if I had questions or needed help,there always was a translator there to help. Very useful if you have to go to the doctor for example.
While I was staying here I really come to love Kung Fu, it is a fun sport and taught me that I can do much more than I ever imagined if I just train hard.
We recently moved to the new school which now is really nice and new, I especially like the surroundings, you can meditate outside on the hills or take walks, also up a little mountain, which is a popular sight around Qufu. I really love Thursdays when we do conditioning and Qi Gong outside.
Which brings me to the training, the main style the school offers is shaolin, an external style where you learn mostly forms, with or without weapons. I really enjoyed learning weapon forms, so much fun =)
In the afternoon you can choose between Sanda and Wing Chun or Wudang...all three are fun, but I stayed with Sanda, in the beginning I didn´t like it, because it takes a while till you get better, but in the end I really loved it. This is something where you can see your improvement and it was great for powering out and my Shifu was very patient, telling me the same things over and over, which I am really thankful for. In the end you can choose and also specialize, we had students just doing wudang, but I think it is nicer to get a overview and first try all of it a bit...
This is why I did Tai Chi and Wudang, too. Wudang was one of my favourites a bit like dancing and more relaxing. I thought it was fun to learn because so many movements involve breaking a arm, kicking into the knee or poking the eyes, so it looks nice but is quite efficient.
Also all of the extra classes are really fun, like conditioning, expect to hit some trees and be kicked (no worries you choose how much you can or want to take) or power training which is weightlifting or other strengthening exercises. Again the Shifu will see how much you can do and will push you to do your best, but they also understand when you need a break or reached your limit.
All of this follows a weekly rhythm, every week is a bit the same, but it never got boring, there is so much to learn and I would love to be able to learn more.
 Time just flew past and now I have to go home.
Locking back I don´t regret a thing, sure training was tough, I was sore very often and that never really goes away, but it gets better after the first two weeks and its amazing to see how fast your body adapts to the training. The winter was tough too, quite cold, but it just made you appreciate hot showers and the warm blankets in you room...little tip get a hot water bottle, works wonders =)
Sharing a room was a new experience too, but some great friendships came along because of it so I am happy I shared the room instead of getting a single room, which is an option.
Highlights were the visit of the Shaolin Temple were we met the Abbot and also were allowed to eat with the monks, the other trips I did with fellow students around China, the gradings when everybody performed (ok I didn´t like to perform my forms, but it was really cool to watch everybody else), the move to the new school and the many memories I made here.
All in all I had a great time, learned a lot, but not enough, I think Kong Fu is something you need a lifetime to learn, this is why the school showed me a way and I will practice at home and hopefully find a good school there and for sure I will come back again to learn more.

If you have any questions and want a student opinion I´d be happy to answer you. My e-mail is

I wish you good luck with your very own China adventure =)

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