Cameron Mc Dowall (South Africa)


Cameron Mc Dowall
South Africa
Three weeks(October 2nd-October 28th)

Thank you Wei Shifu and Zhang Shifu for making my experience in China most memorable. At 43 years of age and limited martial arts knowledge I was apprehensive and nervous as to how I would cope the rigorous training schedule. I felt comfortable from the moment I stepped off the train and was met by Joy, our interpreter. The training was tough particularly the first week with aching muscles and joints. Never once did the Masters push me further than my limits or over train me in any aspect. I was able to progress at my own pace, within reason of course. For me the sanda and tai chi were my favourite lessons, although I learned so much throughout my stay. The mountain run was also one of my highlights.

All the students made me feel welcome and we all enjoyed a healthy friendship. The food was tasty, wholesome and plentiful. Weekends are for much needed rest and trips into Qufu Town to do some shopping, observe the local folk or try some of the local food. This experience will stay with me forever as I feel privileged to have been a part of the martail arts school in Qufu. It’s an honour to have trained under the Wei Shifu and Zhang Shifu and to have made so many friends from all corners of the world.

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