Sara Kim Hjortborg, Danmark



My time here at Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu has been a time of great wonders. What I’ve found of great value was the rare opportunity to be 100 % focused without any disturbances from everyday life. You just have the chance ‘to be’. To me that is amongst the rarest and most precious opportunities.

The surroundings, environment and most of all the training have been great. I have been very dedicated to the Wu Dang classes and have found many challenges and enjoyment in the beauty and complexity of the martial art and Master Wu who is an amazing and extremely knowledgeable teacher.


The Shaolin Kung Fu I love because of its fast, aesthetic movements and mix of very difficult jumps, techniques and elegance. And the Shifus are all truly impressive. My master I found to be extremely kind and caring – hard when necessary, but always with a smile on his face. His astounding abilities still continues to amaze me when he is suddenly flying about upside down with his staff or spinning in the air after a butterfly kick.

The translators at the school have all been extremely helpful and really raised the general quality at the school. Always ready to answer any sorts of questions, let it be VISA, mandarin or any other practicalities. You will meet communicative problems but the common cultural understanding I think is heightened especially if you meet these issues with an open mind.

Generally I think we Westerners can learn a lot from the Chinese work ethics. The staff works from early morning to late evening every day. Feeding us, cleaning the school ground and working in the fields to harvest the fruit and vegetables that we enjoy every day.  

I haven’t got a lot of complaints. Your progress and ending result is completely up to you. If you work hard and show dedication you will get far. All the knowledge within the martial art is here.

With the hope to continue my life’s path with the same simplicity I found here I want to share this quote: “…the secret of happiness is not found in seeking more but in developing the capacity to enjoy less.” Dan Millman


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