Alexandru Tomuta (Romania)

Alexandru Tomuta Romanian
Length of Training: Eight months, October 2nd, 2009- June 2nd, 2010


When I first got to China I had no idea what was going to happen in this past year.

Now, when I look back I realise that this was one of the most complete experiences I ever had and it changed my life. I never had dreamed about meeting people from all the 5 continents, shaolin monks and especially becoming a student and learning from them. The closest I ever was to a Shaolin or China before was the TV. This is a dream come true.

And talking about training. There are a lot places in this world where you can train martial arts or your physiccal ablities and at that chapter the Shaolin is the elite. For that this school is maybe one of he best palces to come. The masters are real Shaolin minks, the training is well balanced and it will help and transform you no matter if you stay 1 month or 1 year. Of course the more you stay the more you learn and with the guidance and help pf the masters. That see your real capablities, wek and strong points, your exact lomits and now exactly when and just how much to puch you--you will learn amazing things here.

So if you are interested in the martial atrs this is a very good place to be in. But it's not the only one. There are ohter places where you can develp such abilities.

But how I'm going ti talk about what makes this place unique. Of coursr the traiing is very hard and well balanced and all of that, so far a sports person would be good. But when I came here I was a heavy smoker, totally out of shape, fat and lazy. And it's unbelievable for me that somehow, I lasted all this time here and not I just survived but I learned a lot of things, I can do now a lot and I am part of the old students and now i cn do more and better than other people (speaking about training). That's for me, is amazing. A lot of masters are trainners can teach thier students but very few can transform the aorst possible candidate into a martial arts student. I don;t know how they did it but here I am today, a completely new me and it's all thanks to this school and its masters.

And speaking about transformation, the physical one is nothing compared to this things that are now in my head and heart.

Like I said in the beginning, there are a lot of places where you can practice sport or train, and this school is a very good place for that but that's not all it is.

It feels very strange for me leaving and going back home because in the last year this school, my room has become my home and the students and masters my brothers and sisiters. My home in which I have so many memories. In the time I've been here I met people from all the 5 continents and spent so many and different, wonderful times togehter. For this and especially because when I first entered the gate I was a totally different person that the one who is going out now. I cannot tel exactly how it happened to appreciate the real value of things, of something I wouldn't even notice in the past, and the list could go on. What I'm trying to say is that this school is so much more than a sports center, but a craddle in which you groe up both phycisally and mentally in which you mature and transform in a far better person than you were before no matter you're past experiences , you originss, age, etc.

I only wish I gad the tallent to write , to write about all that has happened to me in my time here, about everything I saw and lived I wish i cound otu it in beautiful eoprds so other people can read it and maybe to be a choice that will change their life forever. But one thing didn't change inside me in my time here. I'm still far better with numbers than I am with words, So I will end this thanking everytone for giving me maybe the best year of my life and for sure the most fullfilling and reach one.

Thank you

When I came to China i wanted to see tha country , to lose some weight etc but insted of a school I found a homem, instead of masters and students brothers, sisters and friends. All i can say is thank you very much to everybody for this inimaginable time here.

Thank you.

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