Jonathan Herrero Review
January 28 2016 to October 29 2016

My Nine months here has been incredible!! From the moment I had landed in China and meet the interrupter, to my last days with my master and students; I have always felt like I was home. I feel that everyone here has gone above and beyond to ensure I accomplish my goals I set for myself before coming and the new ones I have set for myself after arriving.
When applying Joy was always willing to help me, answer my questions and responded quickly, even for a 13 hour time difference. I felt comfortable with what I had to do and where to go by the time I left for china. Once landed, I was meet at the airport and driven to the school. After being here awhile I noticed that the school and students always use the same taxi driver so you get to know them well. It took roughly one hour for paper work, getting my room and food to eat from the school. I then rested for the next day.
The next day I was introduced to all the Masters and students. I trained under Master Du. I couldn’t say enough great things about Master Du. I had ankle surgery at 31 and multiple back and neck injuries to both bones and disc’s over my military service. I came here at 33, unable to bend over and touch my ankles, I weighed alittle over 200 pounds (99kg) and could jog maybe mile (1.6km) in 15 minutes. I turned 34 here and after 9 months I weigh 158 pounds (72kg), I have no back/neck pain, now have a 7 minute mile (1.6km) and can lay my palms on the floor. Also I did my first back flip EVER this past Tuesday. I also completed in 3 competitions winning 5 gold medals and one silver. One of them was at an International competition in Deng fung, home of the Shaolin temple. All this was only capable because of my master, Master Du. He kicked my ass!! He pushed me hard, payed attention to not just my training but also my life style and helped me make changes in order to get the most out of my training. I cannot describe his presence but from the moment I first saw him I felt comfortable just trusting him completely. So, what he said I followed it to the best of my ability and it’s incredible how much I have changed; not just physically but mentally. I will never forget Master Du! He honestly made me a better person and improved my life. I could go on forever about Master Du.
While here I was able to travel around China although I didn’t do much cause I wanted to train. I also was able to complete four college course while here over the internet. I was able to down load lectures, take on line quizzes and attend live lectures on the internet the school provided. I have never had a cold shower while at the school and I love the western toilets. I love the food here! Not every dish but there is always a few dishes at every meal I enjoyed. The summers are hot and winters are cold, but it makes you stronger. While here I got kidney stones and was able to go to the hospital in town, see the doctor, sonogram, urine test and medicine for about $160.00 Chinese dollars ($23.00 USD). I felt comfortable in there hospital. The school is in the country but there’s restaurants to eat at and on the weekends you can go to town by bus.
I loved my time here at the school and would like to come back. I feel this is a very special place and attracts many good people. Like I said in the beginning this is like a second home/ family to me.

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