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This school is in 1 word awesome i met so many cool students here and i love this school and the students the masters the translators and Shushu.
The training is very special because i had never a training like this and its really cool. The Groupleaders did a nice job not only Jonathan all did a very nice job. My master is the best i like him and wish him all luck in this universe. I had so much fun with him that is impossible and i saw it in every classes how much he loves it to teach students. The translators did a nice job and helped me a lot of times to comunicate with the masters.
The location is very nice but the beds can be a little bit softer. It was good that we had the weekends free to go to qufu so we musnt stay all the time in the school.
My experience with the competitions was great because it was nice to see how much people in China study kung fu..
At least i only can say i come back for sure because this review is shit and i must wite it again.

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Experiences of the students

Read about the experiences of over 70 students from 20 different countries
Small group training
1 week - 5 years courses available
Shaolin Band Certificate
New school campus
Free Internet Connection
Single & air-conditioned room available
Life at the School
Free cultural and Mandarin lessons
Natural Mineral Springs
Leisure facilities
School Fees
All in one cost
Excellent value
Financial guarantee
certificatons & Competetions
National Martial Arts Bands
Master-Disple relationships Students competotions
The Shimen Mountain range
Birthplace of Confucius
The land of the fruit fields
Travel and Visa
Accessible by high speed bullet trains
Information on 6 month students' visas
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to commonly asked questions
2nd Website
More photos and Videos of our school, Apply Today!
2 Weeks Camp
14 days of Kung Fu training and cultural experience.