Celia Jorge


2016/08/23,  Shimen Mountain

Personal review about my staying in Qufu Shaoling Kung Fu School (QSKFS).

My name is Celia, I am 49 years old, and I came to QSKFS to stay for one month. My intention was to live this month in an entirely different way of my daily life, learning and experiencing a little about the traditional chinese  martial arts.
One month has passed now and I am getting ready to return home, to Portugal.
It really was a valuable experience, very interesting in many different aspects, very challenging, and I loved every bit of it.
I didn't exercise in this intense manner for a couple of years and I am very slow memorizing some movements, this was truly a challenge ☺ Here I want to thank to master Du (my master) and master Miao (Taiji), for being patients with me. I was able to learn something, the possible for one month and my limitations, but very precious to me, so, I am very grateful. I am also thankful to the other students, who helped me to correct and perfect my movements and my forms. Thank you all.

My impression about the school is very good. The comfortable simplicity, the location far from confusion and closer to nature, the training areas, are very appealing.
My experience with the masters was more with master Du and master Miao, but all masters seem to be very knowledgeable and authentic. It was an honor to meet them.
My master was master Du, a joyful spirit, a very  good teacher. A special gratitude and respect goes to him. Thank you so much, it was na honor.
The school websites are excellent, very professional, with a high quality design and information. Worldwide oriented.
Congratulations to the school.
I also would like to thank the other members of the staff that supports the school, translators, mr Shushu (don't know how to write), ladies who prepare the meals, thank you all for your work.

To the headmasters:
 I 'm the one who suggested the introduction of teaching of the internal ways of martial arts as a way to make a better school… because Buddhism related to the martial arts appears as a class in the initial program of the school I thought it would be proper to talk about this matters.
I rised the topic in the “Master Time” meeting and it was a bit confusing. It looks like most of the people really don't want to known about it…
it's sad, so much wisdom is being set aside in the modern world. Like yoga becoming gymnastics and martial arts simple methods of fight or body work.
I just leave the topic of internal work as a suggestion.
Anyway, I really enjoyed my staing here at Qufu Shaoling Kung Fu School.

Thank you
Célia Jorge

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