Mantis Fist

Mantis fist, an animal style Kung Fu, one of the most famous traditional Chinese Martial Arts styles. It is also been listed as one of the Chinese National intangible cultural heritages.

Origin and development
It was said mantis styles was created by a martial artist named Wang Lang, who learn Kung Fu in the Shaolin Temple in late Ming and early Qing dynasty. Here is the full story: When he was resting under a tree after losing a contest with another martial artist Han Cong, occasionally he saw a mantis trying to catch a cicada and being enlighten by the agile and fast moves of the mantis. Therefore he took a lot of mantis back to the Shaolin Temple. Then he spent his time observing the detailed gestures and manners of the mantis, learnt from it and create mantis fist. After he has his own mantis styles, he always won the contest with other martial artists.

Mantis style enjoy a prosperous period in the 19th century and is know well developed worldwide.

Contents styles and Characteristics
There are both fist forms and weapons such as straight sword, Plum blossom sword, liuhe staff and long handle sword.

In the passed hundreds years, there developed a few different styles in such as Taichi mantis, plum blossom mantis, seven star mantis, and Liu He mantis etc.

In general, mantis is tough and fast, and always go forward boldly. The practicer face the come attacks straight forward and defense from the side way.

What you can learn in our school?
Our mantis master, master Zhang is the founder of Honglian mantis. Honglian style is based on Seven star mantis and honglian style of Shaolin, it has its own full system of moves, methods, skills and theory. It can be a good Kung Fu for hearth care, sparring, and competition.

He has over 30 forms including bare hand forms and weapons such as sword, spear, staff, three section staff, long handle sword and double hooks.

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