Vivienne from Germany


Master Du:
I have been really really happy to be in Master Du's group. He is a very good teacher and enjoys his job, which is pretty important, cause students can feel it. He corrects us in little details all the time (especially Tai Chi), which sometimes can be annoying, but I think it is important, because the little things make a big different in the end and I want to be as good as I possibly can.
I like that Master Du takes his job seriously but is very funny at the same time. We had so much to laugh in our lessons. Great. We often train a few minutes longer than other groups, which show that he is very dedicated and cares about finishing to explain something to students, rather than just waiting to get on a break.
Also Master Du performed in front of Richard and me so we could record several forms. Very much appreciated! Thank you.
He likes what he is doing and cares about his students, which is the best part. It's hard after a while of training, not to like him as a person. He has got such a lovely and nice personality.
I also likes that he asked before the weekend what we are doing and where we are going
There is seriously hardly anything I want him to do differently. Maybe being a bit more patient sometimes if we don't get moves that quickly or that precisely straight away. We are all people with very little physical training in comparison to the Masters and it takes a long time to get our coordination, power and strength better. But we try hard.
A bit more variety in Sanda (like we did the last two weeks) is very nice, so please keep on doing that. .. And maybe it would be better to be even a bit stricter sometimes, like students should always join classes, power training or running unless they have injuries or a good excuse. Lifting weights should be done in their spare time.
The school/training in general:
I loved my time at the school. Haven't been that happy in a long time. Training is good, facility is absolutely fine and living here feels like being with a family.
Getting trained by real shaolin monks is absolutely fantastic. The first week has been really hard, because my body needed to get used to so much exercise. After that it was sort of ok. Muscle soreness becomes your best friend:) The timetable provides different classes, but extra training in your spare time is necessary if you wanna get better. I like that we have a say in choosing our weapons. Of course it's better to listen to the Masters advise what to learn next but we can ask as well and they may consider it.
Weekends you can spend relaxing at the school or going to town with other students, which is good fun. The private drivers who work for the school make things so much more comfortable.
All in all it has been a great experience and I would love to come back one day to learn more forms.
Thanks to Joy and all the translators for your help.
Some rules are a bit too strict i think. Students should be allowed to hang out in rooms together, especially in groups to watch movies.
Other rules might not be strict enough. Under no circumstances should anyone smoke in the school and I liked that it has been reinforced two weeks ago. It should be asked for permission to enter people’s privacy though. Some people felt really offended.
The food is nice but far too oily. Westerners get very bad skin and often stomach problems. Maybe that could be reduced a little bit.

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