Stacy and Orien Wright From Australia


Hi my name is Stacy, I’m Australian and 23 years old. I stayed at the school for 4 weeks. I have shared this experience with my little brother who joined me for my last week of training before we travelled around China for a couple of weeks.

My time at school has flown by, I’ve had an incredible amount of fun. A few injuries here and there but its amazing to see just how far you can push your body past what you think are its limits. My two masters have made my experience here unforgettable. Master Li’s passion for Sanda is shown during each training session as he shows us unique and fun ways to challeng ourselves. Master Sung is very patient as learning Kung Fu and Tai Chi takes a lot of practice. Often you forget the correct movements and he is always happy to assist even if he only showed me how to do it a couple of minutes earlier .

The students here become your close friends and family as you spend many nights bonding and having a laugh during free time. We get to go into town on the weekends and explore the old confuscious city with its funky markets, cheap clothing stores, chicken burgers and getting a well deserved massage. We can go to the post office, supermarket and even stay at the hostel if we get permission to do so. I was able to visit Dengfeng whilst being at the school over a weekend too which was amazing. Because of the translators the students are able to communicate easily with the masters. I would especially like to thank Ellen who always went out of her way to assist my brother and I with lost luggage with the airline, communicating with hostels, printing out tickets for me and translating signs for me to use for my weekend trips away.

Overall it has been a great experience, I’ve found my home in China and I would be happy to come back to train again in the future.

Stacy Wright

My name is Orien and I came to visit my sister while she did a month of training at this school. I only trained for a week so I could get an idea of what Kung Fu is all about and I wanted to experience the culture of living remotely in China.

I have really enjoyed being here and in just over five days at the school, I have learnt some skills that I can take back home and practice. I particulary liked learning the self defence classes and the sanda take towns as you learn how to attack and defend yourself which is good fun.

Meditation and Tai Chi were also fun and relaxing.

Orien Wright

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