Jacob (Sweden)


During my one year stay here at the school, I understand why Shaolin Kung Fu is so highly regarded when you speak about martial arts. I can feel that I have improved a lot, both mentally and physically.


If you are dedicated to the students and the masters your stay here can bring you a lot of good experiences. You do however have to be prepared for some hard work and aching muscles. But then you will also learn to push through your limits and get to know your body in a whole new way. Now in my stay here I have acquired more injuries than I can count and some of them have been really bad. But I have also learnt that I can take the pain and that my body will not collapse because of a twisted ankle.

Now as far as the school is concerned, it somewhat have its imperfect places. But as long as you focus on yourself and show your master dedication, your stay can be well worth the while.


Jacob, Sweden. 21 years old. Stayed for one year. 

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