Oliver Freij (Sweden)

Oliver Freij Sweden
Length of Training: one year, August 2009 - August 2010


I arrived at the school 31th of August, 2009. Back then there were about 10 students here. At once i could feel the friendly atmosphere. Everyone is happy to help you with the training and the daily life. Now the school is bigger, it is about 20-25 students here and also more masters. Even though the school is bigger now, it still gives you a feeling of being part of a family.

after 1 year of training here i feel that i have improved both physically and mentally. If you are thinking of coming here you have to remember that is won't be easy. The training is hard and the life is simple. You won;t have all the comforts that you might have back home. But if you are willing train hard in simple conditions this place will teach you a great deal. The masters are exceptional, and as long as you put your heart in the training you will learn a lot.

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