Francisco Norton Brandão (Portugal)


I arrived on a weekend to the Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School and immediately I had the feeling that this was some serious business. Even at the weekend some students were practicing on their own around the school. Kung Fu was in the air, and people would breathe it.
The school conditions for living are OK. You don’t have a fancy bed, TV nor A/C, but you have what you need to practice Kung Fu, and that’s the most important.
I had a little experience on martial arts before, but my Shifu was very nice and really taught me everything, despite all my limitations. Everyone else in the school was also nice. The translators would take care of any problem we had and the environment amongst students was very joyful. I’m really glad I made the choice of coming here during my holidays.
The schedule is well elaborated and gives the opportunity to learn different Chinese martial arts, which is great to enhance your experience here.

Also it is very easy to enjoy the weekends while in here. I had the chance to hop in a trip organized by the school to Shi Gao mountain, where we had the chance to visit a lot of Chinese nature and culture, and had the opportunity of sleeping in a monastery! I also easily made my own way to Mount Tai (which is a Chinese holy mountain) and to Confucius Temple, Mansion and Mausoleum, in Qufu

I really enjoyed coming here and I hope I can find the time in the future to come back. I definitely recommend the school to anyone interested in martial arts. All I can say is that I´m leaving breathing Kung Fu, just as I wanted.
Advice for newcomers: if you want to train yourself before coming to the school, focus a big part of that training on stretching. You will definitely need flexibility.

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