Matthew Hardie (AUS)

Matthew Hardie (AUS)
Length of Training: 5 weeks ; May – June 2009

My time at Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu School has been an incredibly challenging and inspiring experience. I found the first couple of weeks to be very physically exhausting, but once i adjusted to the intensive training, i got more in the flow of things and was able to enjoy it more and more as the weeks went on. Now having been here for over a month, i think what a rich and rewarding experience this has been.
Set in picturesque and peaceful surroundings, the school operates as a cohesive and caring community, in which i was welcomed into and supported by during my stay here. The food has been delicious and always plentiful and i leave this place feeling healthy, happy, flexible and strong. The masters truly walk their talk and lead by example, respecting us and motivating us to new heights. I feel honoured to have learnt under the personal guidance of some inspiring human beings and am grateful for this unique opportunity; one that i will take with me into my life.

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