Max Davies (Singapore)



Max Davies, Singapore, one month in June, Studnet of MAster Shi Yan Shuai 
It is the most exhausting and difficult physical activity I have done in a long time. And I loved it. 
On arrival I was out of shape and showing it when climbing the nearby mountain. On my first accent I was slow, gasping for air, needed several breaks and covered in sweat. 3 weeks in, I climbed the mountain again, this time I went straight up. I didn't need to stop, I was barely winded when I reached the top and my water bottles were untouched. 
The training is tough, especially if like me you are out of shape. But the reward is so much more because I now feel confident in this body’s capabilities. Over the first few days stiff and tired are about all you notice, but everyone here is so helpful and nice that you know you can pull through. And when you do, the improvement is obvious, you still feel tired after training but you recover faster, you still are slow in the run but you can keep running for longer and longer. So I say again it is the most exhausting and difficult physical activity I have done in a long time. And given a choice I would still be there doing it. 
The people are friendly, teachers, fellow students, and everyone else on the grounds. You laugh and smile more often then not and helping each other out makes you feel so close that each time one goes away you feel a loss, and every time a new person arrives you feel joy and curiosity at what new things they bring to the group.
 It is hard work and each night I lay down content and satisfied that I have done my best. That feeling makes everything worth while. Ohh and in when I started I was 123kg..... It has been a month, now I weigh 110kg okay add .7kg on to the end. If you work hard you don't even notice it going.

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