James Stark (UK)

James Stark
Length of Training: 9 months, December 2007 - August 2008
James Stark

I have been studying under Wei Shifu (Master Shi Yan Jia) for almost one year now. I have had previous experience in martial arts before I trained under Wei Shifu and I have found him to be one of the most knowledgeable masters I have ever learnt from. He is very patient and understanding at all times but always makes sure that you try your best and gets the most out of your time training with him.

When I first came to China to learn Shaolin Kung Fu I had only planned to study for 3 months and I thought that would probably be the end of it. But after this period of 3 months when I returned to my home in Britain I decided that there was so much more I could learn from him so decided to come back and train under Wei Shifu once again.

The training by no means is easy but Wei Shifu will cater to every student individually regardless of experience or ability. But make no mistake the academy is not a holiday camp you will sweat blood and tears during your training but it's not as bad as you'd think, lol.

Average training day begins at 8:30am and finishes around 5pm with option of extra classes later in the evening- don't worry though you do get breaks in between. The academy is beautifully located just outside Qufu (home of Confucius) and is surrounded by traditional style Chinese buildings such as pagodas where you actually get to eat your meals in.

The food may take a while to get used to if you're a fussy eater but that's not because its bad but more because it's traditional Chinese food from the local town with local ingredients but its very nice, just don't expect to may western dishes and also to master the chopsticks is essential but you learn very quickly when you're hungry lol.

The train facilities and accommodation are all of a high standard with rooms in the upper portion of the building with a balcony walk way looking out on onto the training area which can look stunning both during a hot sunny day (which there are lots of) but also at night especially during a thunder storm which all adds to the experience.

Overall I would recommend Wei Shifu's academy to any student experienced or not in martial arts to study under him. His knowledge in the field is of an unbelievably high standard as well as his ability in what he is able to do and show you. I have asked him many questions regarding martial arts or what ever we have be studying at the time in his classes and he has always been able to give me an answer. Plus he is very friendly and approachable guy and I regard him not only as my Master but also as a close friend and family.


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