Patrick McDonald - Glasgow, Scotland (UK)


Age: 23


I set up a business shortly after my 18 birthday and by the time I turned 22 I was tired with it, since it had been constant work for more than 4 years and my motivation was in decline! Over the past few years I have been looking to do something different. A friend of myself who owns a large business had similar experiences to myself and suggested I try this school. I sold all my assets and business and applied to go to the school for 3 months. Prior to going to the school I had no real martial arts experience (except some Karate classes when I was 6 or 7 years old, which only lasted some months) and was really unfit. For me I went to the school for a different reason to most of the students. 


Overall it was to take time away from my life in Glasgow to try and find out more about me and my limits, and of course living outside my comfort zone for some time. I was 112kg when I arrived on 2nd March 2014 and on my 9th week I was weighed at 99kg which I am really happy with. This was not only due to good exercise but also because the food that you eat during your stay is not anything like the food that most of us consume in the western world. For eating there is a lot of green foods and protein as well as rice and this is available daily for lunch and dinner.


My life in Glasgow was very laid back and I ate some form of fast food almost everyday. I had no real energy and was loosing motivation.. During my first few weeks at the school it was no secret that I had difficulties adapting, but after 1 month, I could keep up in terms of exercising with the long term students.


Before I went to the school I set my self some realistic goals. I had maybe 3 or 4 goals and say to myself by the end of this experience I hope to have achieved all of these goals. My goals included getting fitter/healthy, loosing weight and creating more energy within myself. I achieved these goals and beyond and learned things about myself that I did not know.


For anyone looking for just something different to do like myself or to study/master the art of Kung Fu, I would recommend this school for you. 


Good Luck and remember; the only limit is the one you set yourself!


Patrick McDonald

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