NAIK Siang Yee (Malaysia)


NAIK Siang Yee, Malaysia
Length of Training: 1st time, three months, May 15th – August 15th, 2010; 2nd time, two months, October 19th – December 19th


When I decided to learn kung fu I had 2 objectives in my mind, firstly was to lose weight and secondly to learn the arts.

During my 3 moths stay in the school, the experience I attained is nothing but wonderful. The training was very intense, but the atmosphere which to talk with my fellow mates from around the world, and be friended them is a life time experience.

The masters are without a doubt excellent as well. With the training, guidance and advice they give have definitely meet my expectations. It was to my great joy that the goals I had were achieved during my stay. The training and the pain that comes along are not for the faint hearted. But pass the mountain of endurance anything is possible.

I have done more exercise I could have done in a year and I lost 8kg was a miracle. The strength, stamina and flexibility I gain could not be achieved if I did not come here.

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