Luke Pearless (New Zealand)


Luke Pearless Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu Academy Review

My name is Luke Pearless and after 4 months at Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu Academy, What can I say...

It’s been a blast, hard work, fun, tiring, social, cultural, insane, peaceful, full on, inspiring and a really fun challenge.

In terms of advice for someone thinking of coming:

Firstly your first week (and second for that matter) is going to be hard! Your going to be putting your body through something that it has never been though before – so take it easy, don’t try and keep up with the older students, your time will come…. Your first goal is just to make it through in one peace. Wait for your body to catch up then you can start pushing it.

This brings me to my second point this place is a dam good boot camp, after the time I have spent here I am defiantly in the best shape of my life (and it feels good!!). With that in mind know that the masters will push you but at the end of the day you’re going to get out what you put in. Push the limits see what you can do! The masters are great and if they can see that your really trying they will do their best to help you along the road (also if you want something from them extra tips, advice, suggestions etc… don’t be afraid to ask!!!)

Thirdly stretching – once you leave you should be able to put your body in positions you have never thought possible. Embrace the stretching its fundamental to the Kung Fu forms and once you get past the pain its actually quite fun and challenging. Its been one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most - after 4 months I’m nearing the ability to do front splits and side splits (some people after a similar time in my group already can) and I was not what you would call a flexible person when I get here.

Fourthly –  I’ve heard it called a Hogwarts for Kung Fu, which is not to far off the mark. In saying that the beds are hard the food gets a little repetitive. That being said you’re in China at Kung Fu school its all part of the package. You end up a harder person and moreover start to appreciate the smaller things in life i.e. comfort, steak, cheese

Lastly normally you have between 30 – 50 students at the school. These people are awesome and will become your family or as we call it your Shaolin Brotherhood.

So in summary, just do it!! Enjoy and have a good time!!

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