Susan Kessler


Susan Kessler
June 10, 2016-July 2, 2016

I have enjoyed the overall training at the school.  Everyone here, from the Masters, interpretures, kitchen staff, and the students have been very friendly and welcoming, especially Ellen.  I feel as though the accomodations and food was good; however, the hard beds took time to get used to.  However, I am dissapointed they started Allison at the same level as I since I have absolutely no Kung Fu experience and she has 6 years.  I was hoping she would be able to pick up on her skill level and learn a form to bring back to the US, but the pace is so slow what is very possible in the US is impossible here.  I would reccommend the school to people who have no previous background in Kung Fu and have a long time to train or students who don’t mind spending a month or two on going back to basics. 

So students are more informed and prepared, I would recommend stating that although Western style toilets are installed, there is no toilet paper or soap.  Americans, especially would assume the other.  The school should also mention that although 3 meals a day are provided, no drinks are provided and water needs to be purchased.  That way when students arrive they are prepared with these essentials.

Overall the school has provided a good experience for my dauhter and myself.  We have met many great people and have learned a lot about Chinese culture. We are grateful we have had this opportunity.

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