Lia De La Fuente


Lia De La Fuente  Bolivia/Israel

I’ve trained at the school for 11months. The school became my second home.
The relationship with my master increased with time, he would always teach me and encorage me to get better, in the beginning I think he was a bit tough with me in order to improve, my first months were tough for me because I never did martial arts before and I wasnt in shape, thats why I felt the disappointment in my master’s eyes when I couldnt do some movements even though he showed me already so many times... that encoraged me even more to improve, I didn’t want to disappoint my master. Once I got better and my body was able to do the movements I still had the support of my master and he started to show me more difficult forms and advanced weapons. I have to thank him for pushing me to learn the broardsword, because once I started it I fell in love with it and inspired me to do the double broadsword. I did extra training to be able to do it..
Master Yu is a great master, he knows when to push, when to give a bit of a rest of the constant hard training, although I will like him to be involved even more than he is already. I would like him to stretch us more because we train and improve so much more when he is there to push us.

The facilities of the school for me where great, I love the food here. I love home made food, it  makes me feel just like home and what I like the most is that the school has meetings from time to time to ask the students about the food, take suggestions and improve as much as possible. I really like that they started giving us fresh fruit in the morning and the usual variaty of dishes we have every day.

The school is always clean, the cleaning ladies keep the school clean every day and we have to keep our room clean because we have room checks 2 times a weeks.

My experience here was amazing, I’ll do it all over again, in fact Im already planing when I’m coming back because I know I will miss the school and the hard training. Also I dont wanna lose the skills that I’ve gained here.

Thank you so much for creating such a school so that we have the posibility to learn kung fu in China while still having the same level of comfort that we would have at home in our own country. Also it is incredible that we have the opportunity to learn real kung fu from real kung fu masters from the shaolin temple.

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