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So how did I end up at Qufu Shaolin Kung Fu school? I guess I have always been fascinated by the shaolin monks discipline and the insane feeling/control of their own body’s. So during my time in the military I thought hey now I’ve been through this type of training and discipline let’s check if it is possible to get a taste of the way Shaolin monks train and live. So found the website from this school and from there on the choice was easy . That is a choice I will be grateful for rest of my life that I took.

Now the travel and stuff like this was quite easy, of course I was a bit nervous and such. This is no problem as you have such a support system from the email the school send you with detailed information about every step you should take when you land.

So let’s see I stayed at the school for 1 year and I’ve experienced and learnt more then I could ever imagine. From the first day of training I had the time of my life, just that we have our masters there teaching us was such an exciting feeling, but also a bit frightening at the same time. So many thoughts went through my head the first training, like this master is going to be here and push me all year what is going to happen if I get really exhausted and cannot do anymore.

After staying there for a year I now see that those concerns is something I did not need to have cause to my surprise the masters and community there pushes you so much and having these people around you makes you push your self beyond your own imagination. Now this turns into motivation and your master is always there to motivate and help you even more. So the masters and other students there definitely is a support system, but later on they end up being your family.

Now this is something I did not count on, but I can honestly say that this was maybe 80% of the reason I were able to stay for 1 year. The relationships I made here at school is something that took me by surprise and an amazing one at that. I guess it turns out like this because we all have a reason to stay here and that is something we all have in common. So living together is easier because of this.

From the first day the older student’s were always saying that we were one family. So from the start I felt like I was one of them and it was no problem during my 1 year with people feeling left out since we kept on this type of “ideology” going. So this is something I am really grateful for.

One thing I really noticed here at school is your body can do so much more then you ever thought possible. I was the stiffest guy ever when I arrived, by the time I left I could do the splits and my body control had improved drastically in ways I didn’t knew were possible for me. So the training there has sat it’s mark because it’s so untraditional compared to what we are used to back home. Now the training and stretching is REALLY hard, but if you keep in there the results will show it self so fast, even the strength of mentality.

Over to the accommodation and things like this. I would say the school has everything you need for this type of living. We have BIG rooms, where you can choose to stay single or be in double. Now there is not much to it because you will find out that you really do not need all the things you have back home to live good. And this is what I liked, it is a really simple style of living. You can of course personalize your room and it really turns out being like a home for you.

School is placed right next to some mountains and forest which is such a great thing. There is so many things you can use this peaceful and isolated space for. It is up to you what you do with it, but on your free time there is nothing stopping you to walk up these mountains and enjoy the sights or meditate in the silence with blooming nature around you. So I would say that the school is perfectly placed for this type of lifestyle. There is even restaurant’s a couple of minutes walk from school if you want to have some extra to eat. Now this is not really necessary after my opinion cause the food at school is great and so many variations, but of course you end up walking there with people to hang out and relax some times.

What to do before you come here you ask? I guess you cant really prepare to much for this, but what will make your training progress faster and better is BE CERTAIN that you want to do this before coming. It is a school of training in every sense of the word. Get the stretching going as soon you decide to apply will ease your starting phase with so MUCH.

That’s it for me and what a GREAT time I’ve had. For those who decide to join the family I wish you the best and enjoy every single moment of your time at this school. It is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life


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Family that trains together, stays together.

“this is only one of the groups”



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